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Whether your main source of heat is natural gas, propane, oil or electricity, you are subject to wide fluctuations in pricing, and the discomfort, or danger, of power outages.

A wood stove or insert is a sensible hedge against these possibilities. in our increasingly high tech and sophisticated world, the basic wood stove is still considered reliable protection against power outages, and against shortages and skyrocketing prices of fossil fuels.

This is because a wood stove provides an independant source for heating and cooking which can prove valuable in an emergency. Wood stoves have provided millions of families with security, warmth and a place to cook during times of trouble.

Combustion engineers have created ultra efficient, clean burning, and captivating sources of home heating. Choose your style; stove, or built in fireplace. Then imagine the pleasure that a wood burning appliance can bring to your home.

With a wood stove, you can get satisfaction - and warmth, ambiance and protection from power outages.

The Benefits of Certified Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts
Low Maintenance
Clean Burn
Highly Efficient
Less Wood, More Heat
Cost Effective
Quiet Operation
Operates Without Power

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Regency Wood Products
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The Exception
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Cumberland Gap
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4300 Step Top
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The 7100FP

Hearthstone Wood Products
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The Clydesdale
The Homestead Hearth Insert
The Morgan

The Equinox
The Heritage 8021
The Homestead
The Mansfield
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The Shelburne

Jøtul Wood Products
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The C 350 Winterport Insert
The C 450 Kenebec Insert
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The F 3 CB
The F 118 CB
The F 602 CB
The F 100 Nordic QT
The F 400 Castine
The F 500 Oslo
The F 600 Firelight CB

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The Z42

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The SF 1500A
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The SF 160 Trident Boiler
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