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The Glow Boy 120 Home Heater

Simply Better: Glow Boy.

Dansons manufactures Glow Boy wood pellet stoves for home, shop and industrial settings.

These top quality, energy efficient stoves are affordable and easy to use. The stoves burn energy efficient wood pellets, available from any wood pellet stove distributor.

Available as either freestanding or fireplace inserts/built-in units, Glow Boy wood pellet stoves provide hours of maintenance free, uninterrupted, comfortable heat. Just set the thermostat and enjoy the warm

Ready to heat your family room or cottage, the Glow Boy wood pellet home heater comes with a 120 lb hopper and large new viewing window.

The Glow Boy Advantage Glow Boy wood pellet stoves feature superior design and craftsmanship.

Time Savings - Fill the 40+ lb capacity hopper and there's no need to refill for 20-30 hours

Climate control - A single control allows you to program FOUR climate control settings that direct fuel and air supply

Even temperature - The high-output low RPM circulation fan quietly provides an even air temperature

Clean hands, healthy back - The engineered auger system delivers pellets smoothly from hopper to burn grate. Plus, as an added feature the Pelpro freestanding models come with a large capacity ash drawer, reducing the number of times the unit requires emptying

Pleasurable viewing - The built-in air wash system keeps the stove window clean by reducing fly ash build-up. Enjoy the view!

Choice - With the Sta-Clean grate, you can burn standard or low quality wood pellets without excessive clinkering or loading up

Freedom - The automatic igniter allows you to start your stove with the press of a button

Glow Boy 120 Home Heater

Standard Features

Width: 26 inches
Depth: 24 inches
Height: 31.5 inches
Weight: 225 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 120 lb hopper
Burn Time: 22 to 60 hours
BTU/Hour: 15000 to 50000
40-300 lb capacity hopper
High output circulation fan
Engineered auger system
Large capacity ash drawer (freestanding units)
Built-In air wash
Sta-Clean grate
Auto start igniter

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