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Gas heaters offer control of the warmth and atmosphere in your home from the convenience of your favorite chair.

Gas heaters are turned on or off by the push of a button on the unit, by a remote control operated from the comfort of your favorite chair or automatically with a wall thermostat.

The task of stacking and lugging wood has been eliminated along with the effort of lighting paper and kindling and removing ashes. Just push a button, and you'll have the enveloping warmth and romantic atmosphere only a fire can provide.

Life-like Flames

Manufacturers have devoted enormous research into making a gas fire mimic nature's own. It all starts with the burner, which can be made of stainless steel, aluminum or ceramic. Carefully controlled amounts of gas pass through precisely designed and drilled hole patterns. The results are tall yellow, dancing flames that match a wood fire's own.

The rest of the firebox accents the illusion. Ember strips and glowing coals provide a realistic base to the fire. Authentic log sets are created by making molds from actual cordwood, duplicating its color, texture and grain. Some artificial logs are split and charred for added detail. A wide variety of species and configurations are available. A fire screen helps complete the setting.

Easy Installation

Gas heaters can be installed easily in almost any room, including bedrooms and bathrooms. In general, they require very little floor or wall protection. This is because the fuel is consistent, and the amount of the heat produced can be closely regulated. That isn't to say they don't heat; in fact, too much heat is the problem more often than too little, so you will need to have a trained hearth products dealer help you size the stove to your needs. Bigger is not always better.

Fire Perfected! The Bristol DX with its panoramic 3-sided viewing has innovation and efficiency built in! Our new Bristol DX gas stove brings you the height of direct-vent technology with the ProFlame electronic ignition system with split burner technology.

The benefits of Gas Appliances
Easy Installation
Easy maintenance
Clean Burning
Highly Efficient
Push-Button Convenience
Cost Effective
Consistent Heat
Mess Free
Electricity Free

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