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An Anthracite stove of today is not your grandfather's stove. Clean lines and automatic stokers combined with long burning, clean, "made in Pennsylvania", energy-packed fuel make coal stoves worth a second look.

Anthracite comes pre-washed in 40-lb. bags that are easily loaded into a hopper. its high combustion temperatures make it an ideal fuel for clean burn, high heat output, low ash, minimal creosote and burn times of 10 hours or more.it can be stored in one third the area wood requires and, while cordwood delivers up to 8,600 BTUs per pound if it has zero moisture content, anthracite delivers between 12,000 and 15,000 BTUs per pound.

Coal stoves today are available as radiant and radiant/convective units. They usually have shaker grates, which you can use to clear away ash when the fire is not getting enough air for complete combustion. Removable ash pans make maintenance easier.

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